Zebra Mussel Fight

Spring dives to remove zebra mussels are back on Lake Massawippi for a sprint start, which began last Monday. This is a crucial step in a structured plan of attack that will last all season. The goal is to reverse the trend at all costs by preventing the reproduction of young mussels established in 2021.

RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK The spring dives will be accelerated in the coming weeks in collaboration with the MFFP (Ministère des Forêts, de la faune et des parcs), Explos-Nature and MCI (Memphrémagog Conservation Inc.). Divers from the Quebec Aquarium and the Montreal Biodome will join this remarkable scientific team next month. At the same time, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) will be systematically and rapidly analyzing water samples throughout the summer to determine the presence of veligers, a fundamental indicator of the degree of reproduction.

The president of the Régie du parc régional Massawippi and mayor of Hatley, Hélène Daneau, and the mayor of North Hatley, Marcella Gerrish, were both at the station to salute the departure of the divers last Monday and to show their complete solidarity in this ultimate fight. « We are on the front lines with Blue Massawippi and it’s great to see all these teams coming to our rescue. Last November, a shock wave spread through North Hatley and the newly elected council made a firm commitment to do everything possible to support the fight. We are redesigning our boat washing system and rethinking our actions to make the lake ever more accessible in a more responsible way. »  Marcella D. Gerrish, mayor of North Hatley

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