*See winners* Until Sept. 10th to bet!

Here are the winners of our September online auction:

• Painting “Ensemble” from Marc Samson : Julia Gray
• Painting “Mayflower” from Marc Samson : Jocelyne et Pierre
• Souper gastronomique à la maison pour 6 personnes : Marc-André Depin

(Photos of winners below)


Together, let’s work to save Massawippi Lake’s health. Samson Artiste, Café Massawippi – Service traiteur and Blue Massawippi are teaming up TOGETHER against harmfl invasive species. Participate in our online auction to help finance our operations.

Blue Massawippi and Samson Artiste are now a team ! The North Hatley artist has created to pieces of art, inspired by our effort to preserve the lake’s health. All sales profits will help financing the zebra mussels removal operations. Presented to us yesterday at l’ Auberge La Raveaudière, the 2 art pieces are available on our “Ensemble”online auction page. And, for all epicuriens, Café Massawippi – Service traiteur is offering a gastronomic dinner for 6 persons, in the comfort of your home, in the online auction as well.

You have until September 10th to bet. Please share this online event to help our cause!

To make a donation or to bet, access the online auction via this link.

Presentation by Marc Samson of his first art creation, called Ensemble – September 1st 2022
Presentation by Marc Samson of his second art creation, this one called Mayflower – September 1st 2022
Winners of Marc Samson’s painting “Mayflower”, Jocelyne and Pierre
Winner of gastronomic dinner, Marc-André Depin
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